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Rudraksha, the most powerful bead ever, has the power to influence any aspect of your life, be it personal affairs, marriage, education, career, health, business, politics or opening of a new venture and so on. Rudraksha beads act as a stabilizing anchor. The term Rudraksha actually means Lord Siva’s eye (Rudra i.e. Shiva + aksha i.e. eye), which beautifully suggests that it was pleasing to the eyes of Lord Shiva, and hence so named.

Rudraksha is essentially a fruit, which is covered with pulp, a delicate outer skin, and it takes about 15 to 18 years to reach its full shape. The diameter of the seed is up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) and is nearly round in shape, and belongs to Eliocorpus Genetic type of herb.

The seed can have 1 to 14 mouths (Cleft's) or faces and Rudraksha up to 21 Cleft's (faces) have been obtained by some collectors.

Many researches have been carried out for the scientific explanation of diverse consequences of a range of faces. The Indian folklore and ancient classics are full of facts demonstrating various affects of wearing Rudraksha of different faces.

One Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

One Cleft Rudraksha Kaju Shape is the best among all other Rudraksh beads. This is the symbol of lord Rudra. These gives all the worldly pleasures and then helps one attain perfection in after life. It is said that where one faced Kaju shaped Rudraksh (Rudraksha) is worshipped, that place is always full of riches and goddess Lakshmi has special grace on such places. It bestows all prosperity.

Two Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Two Cleft Rudraksha has natural two lines or faces. It is oval in shape and is available in two varieties - Nepal and Haridwar (India). It is the symbol of Lord Shiva & Parvati. Its ruling planet is Moon. It blesses the wearer with unity in family, speech and meaning. The wearer gains good status and respect in society. He fulfills all his desires. It is also recommended for lack of concentration, renal failure, stress, anxiety and depression.

Three Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Three Cleft Rudraksha has three natural lines. Its ruling planet is Mars. It is the symbol of god Agni (fire). The wearer of Three Cleft Rudraksha too gets free from sins or wrong ideas. It is also recommended for those who suffer from inferiority complex, subjective fear, guilt depression, blood circulation, asthma, fever or weakness.

Four Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Four Cleft Rudraksha has four linings from head to bottom at equal distance. Its ruling planet is Mercury. It is the symbol of Lord Brahma. The wearer gains power of creativity when blessed, it is very effective for students scientists, researchers, scholars, artists, writers, and journalists. It increases memory power wit and intelligence. It is recommended for brain related illness, stammering, memory lapse, coughs.

Five Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Five Cleft Rudraksha, this represents Shiva Rupam PanchaCleft Rudraksha. The wearer of it will never get unfortunate death. Its ruling planet is Jupiter. Five Cleft Rudraksha monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments. The wearer of Five Cleft Rudraksha gains health and peace they were blessed by Lord Shiva. It is recommended for those who suffer from blood pressure, diabetes, and foot related problems.

Six Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Six Cleft Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Shiva's second son, Kumar Kaartikeya. Its ruling planet is Venus. The wearer of this Rudraksha will be blessed by wisdom. It improves intelligence, will power, and steady mind it is good for managers, businessmen, executives, journalists and artists. It is recommended for blood pressure, asthma, and mental disability.

Seven Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Seven Cleft Rudraksha represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Its ruling planet is Saturn. Seven Cleft Rudraksha wearer will be blessed with good health and wealth and mental set-up. People get progress in business, career and live life happily. It is recommended: for weakness, handicap people, and piles disease.

Eight Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Eight Cleft Rudraksha. Its ruling planet is Rahu. This Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesh. The wearer becomes unaffected by miseries, physically, mentally and financially it removes all obstacles and bring success and fame. It is recommended for those who suffer from eye disease, and stomachache.

Nine Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Nine Cleft Rudraksha is the form of Goddess Durga (Shakti). Its ruling planet is Ketu. Shakti, the Supreme Mother, will bless the wearer of this Rudraksha. The wearer will attain patience, bravery, courage, success and fame spreads all around. His devotion in God increases. It is recommended for those who suffer from body pain, fever, and bowl pain.

Ten Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Ten Cleft Rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu. The wearer of this Rudraksha remains free from all evil effects and all other spirits. It gives success in legal, governmental functions and name and fame of the wearer spreads in all directions. Honour is increased in political areas. It is useful for pacifying nine planets. It works like a shield on the body, bring good business prosperity, financial gains and peaceful life. It is recommended to keep a balance in the body as it symbolizes nine planets and human body.

Eleven Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Eleven Cleft Rudraksha represents Lord Hanuman. This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with wisdom, powerful vocabulary adventurous life and success. It gives the wearer permanent happiness. It is recommended for hormonal imbalance in the body and back pain.

Twelve Cleft Rudraksha

Twelve Cleft Rudraksha represents Lord Sun. By wearing it, the wearer never falls prey to any disease, worry, fear and suspicion. It gives the wearer money, knowledge, wealth and all the earthly pleasures. The wearer gets the quality of the sun, to move continuously with brilliance, radiance and strength. It is the most useful for the administrators. It is recommended for those who suffer from heart disease, lung, and skin disease.

Thirteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Thirteen Cleft Rudraksha represents Lord Indira .The wearer will be blessed with luxurious life and prosperity. This Rudraksha provides all attainments connected with chemical science. This Rudraksha possesses virtues like love, affection, beauty, and attraction. It is recommended for the spiritual meditation.

Fourteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Fourteen Cleft Rudraksha represents Lord Paramasiva. It is the most precious divine ‘gem’. It boosts the spirit of the wearer, and increases prosperity knowledge. It awakes the sixth sense and good health. The wearer gets rid of the all calamities miseries & worries. It provides wearer safety shield and prosperity. It is recommended for food medical benefits and it will clear all kind of diseases.

Fifteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Fifteen Cleft Rudraksha is a rare Rudraksha, represents Lord Pashupatinath. It is considered a very precious Rudraksha and is always placed in a very sacred place like the puja or prayer room. The wearer will be blessed by health, wealth, power, energy, prosperity, elevation of soul and increase in spiritual power. Blesses one with true happiness and inner peace, leads one to the right path, improves 'karma', destiny and future.

Gauri Shankar Cleft (Mukhi)Rudraksha

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is regarded as the form of Lord Shiva & Parvati. The wearer will be blessed with peace and comfort in the families, it bring harmony, happiness comfort in the family. It is recommended for childless couples and it bring harmony in the family and surroundings.

Ganesha Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Ganesha Rudraksha is a kind of Rudraksha, which bears a trunk like elevation as is seen on the face of Lord Ganesh, hence called Ganesh Rudraksha. It provides the wearer with perfection in every sphere of life and grace of Lord Ganesh will always be there. It is recommended to bring perfection in every sphere of life.

Sixteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

It is a very rare Rudraksha. The wearer of this Rudraksha no longer remains an ordinary person; he will become a powerful person. It protects the wearer as well as the house in which it is kept. It helps the entire family to attain victory in all directions

Seventeen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Seventeen-faced Rudraksha represents Lord Vishvakarma the builder of the materialistic world. It is effective in gaining unexpected wealth in the form of physical assets like property, vehicles, jewelry, shares and so on. It is said that it gives immense materialistic gains to its wearer.

Eighteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Eighteen Cleft (Mukhi) is especially beneficial for the pregnant women in protecting their child. Those who had many abortions shall wear Eighteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksh for a birth healthy and lucky baby. The possessor remains happy, healthy and intelligent.

Nineteen Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Nineteen-faced Rudraksh is very rare bead and it grants safeguard from all negative persuades like ghosts, spirits, souls, and malefic planets. It has great importance in spiritual field. It also strengthens the body and the mind and improves memory while adding efficiency.

Twenty Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Brahma .It is enhance knowledge as well as bestows mental peace. It also improves the visual power. This is one of the rare beads.

Twenty-One Cleft (Mukhi) Rudraksha

Twenty-One Mukhi Rudraksha is represents Lord Shiva himself. According to the ancient scriptures, when Twenty One Faced Rudraksha is placed in the place of worship, all the gods align themselves around it


Trijuti Rudraksha is a combined form of three Rudraksha and is a rare phenomenon. It is said to be a combination of Brahma. This Rudraksha safeguards the body against all external and internal diseases.